Cijomon Ouseph Wall Art Gallery

Cijomon Ouseph

Cijomon Ouseph is a Dubai based Indian Digital Artist. He specializes in 3D visualization, Digital Painting and VFX. Currently working in a wedding events company as a designer, Cijo’s childhood was full of arts as his father was an artist and it was he who taught him how to work with and handle the brush. Cijo has won many prizes for pencil drawing and water coloring during his school days and won a prize when he participated in a national painting competition. When he grew up, he chose to work in the medical field as a nurse but even then his mind was on art. Cijo felt the desire to study animation and in 2012, he graduated from Mumbai in Computer Graphics and returned to the world of art. After that, he came to Dubai and started working as a 3D visualization designer. In his spare time, he started drawing digital portrait paintings, and many celebrities shared his work on social media, which inspired him. Later he started painting on canvas, mostly using acrylic paint.