Arpita Dhone Wall Art Gallery

Arpita Dhone

Arpita Dhone is an architect by profession and is now ready to shift focus to painting professionally. Throughout her Life she has been fascinated by the beauty of nature and this is what has drawn her to photography and painting. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. A self-taught Indian artist, Arpita is inspired by the beautiful harmony of natural landscapes which bring her joy and a sense of freedom. Giving pleasure to the viewers of her art, Arpita brings paintings to the life by using rich, deep tones with highlights and shadows. Often using bright pops of color as part of her technique, combined with strong textured brush strokes is what defines her artwork. With a preference to paint in oil or watercolors, Arpita also likes to experiment with different mediums. "Art is a way to express yourself," says the artist.