Andres Cimas Wall Art Gallery

Andres Cimas

Andres Cimas Ramos, born in Barcelona in 1979, is a multidisciplinary artistic painter who has exhibited his work all over Europe. From an early age he had an incredible and insatiable passion for painting and drawing. This urge led him to investigate a myriad of techniques and materials which resulted in a rich variety of pictorial blends and textures, that all have an oneiric quality. Displaying a wide range of topics in his work, they all have a common thread - a vision of reality, filtered through a dream world running through them. If you surrender to it, you get to actually enter his work, discovering different aspects and meanings each time you look, while you subconsciously create your own interpretation of what you see. Cimas's work transmits a sensation of freedom and happiness and always tells a story that invites the spectator to join and discover what is hidden behind the first glance. The artist loves experimenting with different techniques, such as using ancient materials mixed with contemporary ones and has an intensive drive to discover more possibilities. It is the fusion of such diverse styles and times filtered by his vision, that create the originality and recognizability of his work. Cimas artist spent the last 5 years living in Amsterdam and is now resides in Spain.