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Zehra Rashid, born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan is now a Dubai based artist who inherited the gift and passion for art from her mother. Although having a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a banker by profession, she continues to pursue her passion of painting in several different mediums.

As a teenager, she enrolled herself in oil painting classes at the school of a renowned artist in Karachi and also earned a diploma in Interior Design from the same school. Later, she went on to take courses in glass and silk painting, exhibiting her various creations frequently. One of her projects that she is very proud of and received acclaim for, is a hand painted skylight for the office of a prominent bank in Pakistan.

Zehra is a versatile artist who enjoys the various forms of art and does not restrict herself to any single medium or style. She loves vibrant colors as she believes they represent nature and life. She finds painting very therapeutic and relaxing as it takes her to a different state of mind which for her is a form of ‘meditation’.