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As a child Susanna De Bruin was always in the midst of an art project and sometimes was busy with a few at a time as it is her nature to work on several pieces at one time. Over the last few years, she has rekindled her love for painting and drawing.

For Susanna, her art is a way of connecting to self and others, a way of being vulnerable with herself and her emotions and expressing them in a way that shows the beauty that has evolved from all the trials and tribulations.

Although her pieces do carry the raw emotions of going through major life changes and self discovery, they are also about showing the energetic flow in our lives and a way of sharing the joy and expansion of living – a pure state of happiness.

“We do not have to fear the intensity of life, rather embrace it,” says Susanna.

The beauty of human expression is that there is never too much and although one might think that to hold space and be calm, there is a requirement for subdued and neutral shades; Susanna has discovered that bold colors painted with a lot of emotion, intensity and movement allows people to look at an art piece that is almost too ‘busy’ to the eye but one in which tranquility and a sense of relief can be found.

‘In that moment of looking and experiencing, we also see ourselves in the painting, as complex beings with too much going on in our minds and life,” says the artist. “For those few seconds you can be in awe of your own complexity and beauty.’