Sanaz Panahpour Darehshouri (SPD) is a second generation artist from a Turkish family, inheriting her artistic qualities from her Mother; she has an immense sense and feel for art in different formats. SPD started working as an artist from the young age of 14 years and has developed her skills based on that tutelage and her experiences.

SPD has a broad working area that includes several styles of painting including the now rare art of Pointillism. SPD’s interest in painting and sincerity towards her artistic side can be seen easily in her works, often working with bold strokes of colors makes her paintings more expressive and appealing.

Sanaz Panahpour Darehshouri has participated in several International art exhibitions, including Iran, Turkey, UAE, Azerbaijan, India etc. and has grown and earned her artistic reputation through dedication and hard work.

Solo Exhibition

2005, Logo design, Isfahan, IRAN
2008, Illustration, Zaar Art Gallery, Amol, IRAN
2009, Painting, Izmir, TURKEY
2011, Painting, Ehsaan Art Gallery, Tehran, IRAN
2014, Painting, Pegasus Art Gallery, Hyderabad, INDIA
2016, Painting, Yeni Gallery, Baku, AZERBAIJAN

2016, Texture, Naman Gallery, Gujarat, INDIA

2016, Painting, Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

2016, Painting, Ahmedabad Ni Gufa, Ahmedabad, INDIA

Group Exhibition

2001, Graphic Design, Tabriz, IRAN

2016, Painting, DUCTAC, Dubai, UAE
2016, Painting, SME Event, Dubai, UAE

2016, Painting, Gujarat Art Association, Ahmedabad, INDIA

2016, Lalit Kala Academy, Ahmedabad, INDIA

2017, Ahmedabad ni Gufa Gallery, Ahmedabad, INDIA

2017, Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, INDIA

2017, Lalit kala art academy, Ahmedabad, INDIA

2017, Baskent university, Ankara, TURKEY

2018, Boho sanat galerisi, Ankara, TURKEY

2018,Visual art gallery, New Delhi, INDIA

2018,Harbiye askeri müze ve kültür sitesi komutanlığı ,Istanbul, TURKEY

2018,Vezirköprü belediyesi,Samsun, TURKEY

2018, Ankara üniversitesi kültür ve sanat evi ,Ankara, TURKEY

Art Fair

2017, Art e Fair, Ahmedabad, INDIA