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Brought up in Santiniketan, one of India’s prominent art hubs, Soumik Mukherjee realized the benefits of the seamless interaction between man and nature early on in life. It is this phenomenon that influence his artistic mind although his desire to study fine arts remained unfulfilled.

Even though his profession brought him the to U.A.E. many years ago, the memories of a vibrant pastoral life, harmonious with nature are never too far away. The smell of rain soaked soil, the feel of wet grass under his bare feet and the vivid imagery continue to feed his creativity and dominate many of his works. Soumik’s inability to physically reconnect with that life sometimes feel like a deep void which is also reflected in some of his paintings.

The best artowrks, he believes are those that flow from the heart and are not confined to ‘isms’ or specific styles. In other words, the two essential components of good art are lucidity and effortlessness and he would be happy if viewers feel his works have been able to reflect those elements.