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Souganthika Sridhar is an accountant/auditor with a zeal for art. She inherited her artistic skills from her mother, and was bitten by the art bug when she was just four years old. She has been drawing ever since.

Born in India, Souganthika relocated with her family to the U.A.E. when she was eight years old. She enjoys painting landscapes but is planning to soon try her hand at abstract and figure painting. She hopes to keep ameliorating her artistic skills in the years to come.

Souganthika is enamored with nature and and loves sightseeing; believing that travel brings out the artist in her and gets the creative juices flowing. She possesses a predilection for the unexplored and finds that traveling soothes her otherwise overly contemplative mind!

Due to work commitments, Souganthika is left with little time to paint. However, the artist tries to juggle the two to the best of her abilities. As with every other artist, she hopes to quit her job someday, and pursue her passion for art full time (and also travel the world!).