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Sonal Johar is a home-scientist, and a creative person at heart. A Doctorate in Clothing and Textiles, she has always been fascinated by the traditional designs and motifs embedded in different art forms of India. She has been experimenting with the motifs from her college days. Back then, she used to design and embroider yokes for her friends. This keen interest in motifs is the driving force behind her passion for art.

Inspired by the Lippam art of Kutch, India, she started experimenting with motifs, mirrors, shapes and colors which gives her murals the present form. She loves to modify and integrate the traditional motifs, into her murals. With her creative ideas, she has developed her own unique style and technique, and given a refreshing dimension to Lippam art. The balance and harmony in her symmetric designs are a sort of meditative. Her purpose she says is to “evoke the senses of the onlooker and drive them towards serenity”.

Working with mirrors is Sonal’s way of contemplating on life’s mysteries. Mirrors in her artwork are stimulating, helping to check one’s inner thoughts and emotions and in turn, stay focused, calm and composed.

Besides being an artist, Sonal has worked as a lecturer in Home Science in India, and as a teacher in Dubai. She designs murals in different shapes, sizes and colors to suit individual needs. Originally from the pink city of Jaipur, she presently lives in Dubai.