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Shazia Jaffery graduated in painting and sculpture with a Bachelors Diploma in Fine Arts from the Karachi School of Arts, Pakistan in 1999.

She usually works in mixed medium sometimes with relief painting and textured surfaces. The original concept of her work is to show case women’s freedom and has focused on this theme for the past ten years. Shazia feels the self is the center of all problems and issues and if one can have self control and positive direction then living in this world will become very easy. Through focusing on herself she can correlate to the problems that other women are facing in this world. She analyzes the issues by putting herself in that particular situation and empathizes with other women and their difficulties. Shazia believes that she was born free in every way and that is what she would want to depict in her paintings. She wants every woman to get her freedom to live, to speak her mind, spread her wings, breathe in open air and experience all that life has to offer.

“My basic belief is that creativity is an expression of the God within, in my paintings; I am looking for spiritual significance in ordinary people and objects,” says the artist.