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For Sharmin Ferdous growing up with art was a part of life. She saw her mother give an artistic touch to every corner of the house; be it a painting, a simple piece of furniture or stitching curtains and adding beautiful embroidery work. This made everything a unique piece of art and ignited her passion and love of art from an early age, but it is only recently that Sharmin had the opportunity to pursue, develop and rediscover her talent – in particular creating art with the use of resin.

Sharmin’s journey with resin was influenced by one of the most famous German resin artists, Mrs.Colorberry. She quickly fell in love with the genre and travelled to Bahrain to attend her workshop. Fast forward and it has been 4 years now and every day that Sharmin works, her love for this medium keeps growing.

The artist enjoys creating geode, seascapes and abstract arts with resin. “Working with epoxy resin is like trying to control chaos,” says Sharmin. The process starts with mixing the resin and its catalyst, a chemical reaction follows and time becomes an important aspect in the work. The end result represents the summation of many layers of chemical reactions, all moving with their own velocity to a final polymerized end. The challenge is to control the flow of resin using heat, gravity and viscosity as artistic tools. A heat gun and a propane torch help move the resin. There is an element of danger added as the fumes are harmful when torched or heated.

“Resin paintings continue to move for hours after the resin is applied,” says Sharmin. “The final painting can’t be envisioned until a day after starting the painting and the final piece you see is the final scene of a moving picture whose history is encoded in layers of resin,” concludes the artist.

The high gloss finish of resin gives the paintings a mysterious depth and due to the very fluid nature of the material, each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. They are truly one off, fascinating works of art that would enhance the beauty of any home or office space.



Photo ofSharmin Ferdous
Sharmin Ferdous