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With a mastery of expressive intricacy and gentle composition, Sanjana’s work is characterized by pleasant detail. The grace and precision of Victorian and Persian architecture leaves an influential footprint on Sanjana’s delicate but bold sense of composition. Fearless experimentation with various mediums makes the Artist’s work highly stylized by technique. As a self-taught artist, Sanjana has through the years developed a unique bond with understated color and paramount detail. Her collection of works is a tapestry of subtle colors and emotive precision.

Even as a young girl in Mumbai where Sanjana spent her formative years, she was often reminded of her unexplored interest in art. Sanjana holds a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Boston, USA. Upon graduating, she decided to use her entrepreneurial skills to commit to her true calling. She took a bold call to become a self-taught artist; a decision that was vindicated in the Summer of 2019 when Sanjana held a well received, solo exhibition in Paris in collaboration with the Raza Foundation. As a current resident in Dubai, Sanjana is immersed in a multi-cultural world that is continuously influencing her artistic style