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Samy Selim, born in Cairo, Egypt and residing in Dubai, U.A.E. comes from an art loving family who encouraged him as a child and sculpted his talent to become the artist he is today. Always interested in drawing, what started as a hobby continued developing through the years from pencil to charcoal to water colors, pen and ink, all the way to digital presentation and has eventually grown into a unique talent and intense passion of art.

Graduating as an Architect from Cairo University, Samy feels the exposure to different cultures living in the U.A.E. has added a universal touch to his work while keeping it oriental at the core.

Inspired by his experiences and values, Samy’s artwork is mostly identified by its philosophical nature and structure, addressing fundamental issues connected to reality, existence, values, reason and mind. A believer in the words of Jerzy Kosinski: “The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”

Samy wants to share his beautiful artistic pieces with the world and evoke sentiments and discussion while continuing his creative journey.