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Saima Hasan is an Indian artist based in Dubai for almost a decade now. She has a deep rooted interest in nature and all the things around her that are pure and free from human influence. From a very young age, Saima was attracted towards colours and was fascinated by the idea of using them to express her feelings. Over the years she kept on exploring her passion but got real direction to her thoughts and skills from her graduate school where she learned commercial arts.

Later with the changing times, Saima got inclined towards Fine Arts and transferred herself into a full-fledged Fine Artist. Thanks to the incredible support from her family and friends she started experimenting with oil and acrylics colours in greater details . Through her art she has always tried to depict the might of nature on this earth and its interaction with all other forces. Her work attained greater finesse as she continued to practice her art, attended exhibitions, took up commissioned work, kept herself updated with relevant information available on the internet and became an active participant of artist groups on different platforms.  Her craft and techniques continued to evolve and the range of her work expanded from basic landscapes, seascapes, deserts, camels, horses, flowers, calligraphy etc. to more complex imagery and abstract concepts.

Saima is a regular participant in various group exhibitions and during one such event she quoted “Though the subject matter of my work may vary, colour remains its constant theme. I prize colour for its powerful symbolism and employ it to communicate emotion and mood.” Above all whatever the artist creates, it is with the intent to evoke a sense of vitality and joy, a celebration of the greatest art of all…. A life well lived.