Sadeesh Joseph was born in Kerala, India where he grew up midst the vibrant greenery, the famous Backwaters and the sounds of the ocean.

A multi-faceted individual, Sadeesh is bursting with creativity in many artistic directions and translates his passion for art and music via painting and song. His blank canvases are painted in bright, vivid colours with beautiful, open compositions and he composes and sings music, even having built a recording studio in his home!

Sadeesh has learned music professionally since childhood and been painting since his young days too although he feels he was lucky to have come in contact with a master teacher later in life who helped his expertise in art flourish. His preferred mediums are acrylics and oil but he occasionally experiments with new mediums.

Living in Dubai for the last 14 years, Sadeesh is an art director at a creative firm and he believes this career path has contributed a lot to his all round growth as an artist as well.