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Renuka Chellani is a self-taught artist from India. She is a commerce graduate but always had a keen interest in art. Since childhood, she has been participating in Interschool art competitions and had won many. Currently, she is living in Dubai with her husband and son.

Renuka works with different styles of paintings using acrylics, resin and alcohol inks. She uses different surfaces like canvas board, wood panels, synthetic paper and metal. Being a creative person, Renuka not only paints but also creates beautiful coasters, bookmarks and tables. She is skilled in turning a simple wooden table into a marvelous piece of art and has the capacity to transform many objects.

The artist enjoys using a variety of mediums to give different textures to her art and every creation is done with a lot of excitement, love and care.

“I feel every color has a meaning and it gives me immense joy when I use different colors with different styles,” says Renuka. “The beauty of art is that it conveys a variety of thoughts to the viewer.”