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Ravneet Sodhi is an abstract artist living in Dubai for almost a decade.

Always inspired by art in any form, Ravneet began sketching and painting as a hobby around two years ago. Since her very first involvement, she has been continuously self-training in art by diligently practicing and experimenting with various resources and techniques.

Ravneet has done sketches with water colors and has been pursuing abstract art in acrylics medium with various tools. With every stroke, she tries to add a new dimension to the painting, and it is interesting to know how that holds a different perspective for each viewer.

Abstract art helps bring the innate creativity and expressions of an artist on to the canvas and Ravneet has implemented her ideas with the help of brushes, knives, cards, sponges and various other tools.  She has used mixed media including, acrylics, pastels, crayons, chalks, colour pens to name a few. The paintings have been well sealed with gloss mediums and varnish in order to maintain their finish and vibrance, and protect them from sunlight and dust.

Ravneet has exhibited her work in some art galleries in Dubai: Artchic, Cartoon Art Gallery, Art4you Gallery, Ahmedia Gallery, KoboArt and ArtSmiley.