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Being  artistically inclined, Rashmi Dayal took up painting during her early childhood years and has evolved to become an accomplished artist over the years. As an MSc. Botanist she is has always been inclined towards nature in art.

Having lived across various continents from Africa to Europe, she has adopted the local beauty of her natural surroundings and expressed them in her paintings.

Her solo painting exhibition in Kolkata, India was inaugurated by eminent artists Shri  Shuvaprasanna and Mr.Wasim Kapoor, receiving wide   recognition  in TV and other media.

Rashmi is a trained classical singer, a gift that is beautifully synergized in her latest painting series, ‘Ragini’. The paintings capture the soul of mother nature along with silent music which is prevalent in all the work.

Today, art allows unlimited freedom to artists and demands originality in artistic expression and this aspect is amply reflected in the artists’     paintings done in vibrant colors.