For national gold medalist, self taught Indian artist Purva, painting is a synonym for freedom.

Purva paints with a need to communicate what she sees and feels, and to explore the inherent value of visible objects, delving below its tangible material attributes. Having migrated into full time painterly pursuits from the somewhat racy field of advertising where she spent no less than eight successful years, her organizing ability holds her in good stead, manifesting itself in controlled, compact compositions.

Three of the major visual elements of light, colour and motion, form the basis of Purva’s creative expression. So essential to life that there is no life without it, light in her case is central to her art in that it not only constitutes their subject but is also the object of their total creative inspiration. Purva uses colour not as a tool for expression, but rather as the subject in her paintings, to recreate her responses towards perceived realities. Colour, too, comes from light. Combined, these elements create excitement in her veins decoding into energy and speed on her canvas.

Purva’s spontantiety of perception and delineation are her true attributes. In her art one can see honesty of purpose underlined by positivity and a passion governed by discipline.

Purva as a painter swears by zeal and zest rather than by paint and palette. In her word, “Painting is life’s meditation. Expressions flow easily when you are one with yourself. The world I view through my art is honest, direct and spontaneous. There is freedom to choose, a feeling at home where one can lose all inhibitions, untie the shoestrings and relax on a couch”

Her work stands distinct with her simple and powerful renditions of otherwise mundane things in life.

Purva has had several notable solo and group shows to her credit.