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Neleisha Weerasinghe is an artist from Sri Lanka who is currently based in Ajman. She is a Textured Artist, Landscape Painter, a Street Pooch Lover and a Doodler. She is proud to be a self-taught artist who has consciously not tried to fit in with any major art movement but rather follow her heart.

She specializes in Contemporary Landscapes & Animal Art. Nature, spirituality and everyday simple things, that are sometimes taken for granted have a big influence on her paintings. Her work is often described as being “aesthetically beautiful and expressive”.

Neleisha’s current body of work, mainly comprises of two distinct styles. One being expressive and intricate line art work and the other being a more spontaneous and brisk approach with texture.

Apart from painting, Neleisha enjoys reading, recycling & photography and she is constantly looking for ways to incorporate her findings in her art.