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Merna Dimitri is a 20 year old artist born and raised in Sudan. She came to the U.A.E. for the sole purpose of furthering her education and this decision has been instrumental in changing her life in a positive way.

Having enjoyed painting since childhood but unsure of how to translate her thoughts and feelings through her art, Merna learned to express herself freely after arriving in and being inspired by the U.A.E. As an artist, Merna takes inspiration from the extraordinary landscapes and sweeping scenic views of nature that she feels happy to be surrounded by.

Merna finds art and painting to be a very effective way to alleviate stress and relieve the pressures of life. “I find great pleasure in imitating life and painting landscapes from a live scene to a piece of paper and I hope my work brings as much joy to others as it did to me in creating it,” says the artist.