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Meghana Basi is a 16-year-old gifted impressionist naturalist based in the US. Her works have been way ahead of her age from childhood, thus generating disbelief in the viewers!  Her first international exhibit at World Art Dubai at the age of 13 got her connected with several middle eastern art enthusiasts.

Her journey with colors began in the tender ages, when she was just 3 years old. It has since been an adventure of 13 years with many more to come. Meghana’s natural maturity along with a deep-rooted passion and interest, compounded by the blessings of God are what brings out her innate uniqueness.

The tips of her hands send an electrifying shock through her veins and the paint drips, her stability and motion became suddenly inclined towards reoccurring circular motions, the bigger the canvas, the more interest builds up and the excitement drafts yet another masterpiece.

Meghana encountered various paints, mediums, colors and fluidity and her canvases soaked in the psychology of all  the personalities and cultures she came across. She has an interestingly vague approach before attempting her works and never plans it out.  The mission is to start with a mind both urgent and blank without self-doubt and go with the flow. Then the power contained in her just strikes in.

Her works come in all types of colors and sizes and can be very different from one another. The artist looks at her works with a sense of Deja Vu. “Even the slightest commonalaties bring me back to that very moment portrayed in my works probably from my past life,” she says.

Meghana has exhibited and sold her work in and around New England galleries and through juried exhibits. Winning recognition and acclaim she is currently pursuing her art/academic education in the number one art school in New England for high schools.