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Meetu Garg, a small-town girl from India, now settled in Dubai found her passion for art through her love for vibrant colors. Her journey as an artist progressed with every stroke of her brush while participating in several events in both school and college. With a degree in Civil Engineering, Meetu feels it never gave her as much contentment as being an artist.

Born to a religious Hindu family, Meetu was always drawn to the magnificence of the deities- Ganesha and Krishna, her favorite childhood memory being painting them in vivid colors.

Living in Dubai has opened a whole new world to Meetu with the Arabic culture being a huge inspiration and she has been incorporating the influences in some of her latest paintings.

A loving life partner and two wonderful young boys by her side, give Meetu the support and blessed life that she feels she has, providing the opportunity to work as a full-time artist.

The artists’ zeal to keep experimenting with hues, mediums, styles and subjects provides her with limitless inspiration. With time, she has developed a broader perspective, which allows her to marvel at the beauty of each and every element of the universe.

Meetu’s motto: “Keep exploring till the journey of endless possibilities continues.”