Manjula Kaimal is a post graduate in Banking & Finance and a mother of two boys. As a self-taught artist, it was her husband’s sole encouragement that gave her the confidence to try her hand at painting and take up art as a serious pursuit. With an increasing passion for art after her elder son was born, Manjula enjoys every aspect of painting with the blessings and continuous support of her family.

The artist draws on inspiration from spirituality, mythology and social and environmental  issues. Manjula’s favorite art form is Kerala Mural, which is traditionally done on the temple walls and depicts instances from Hindu Mythology and it is a blissful time for her when she is in front of the canvas surrounded by a vibrant palette of bright greens, blues, yellows and reds typically used in this style of painting.  The process charges her up with positive energy, making her seek her creative best.

Manjula believes that art is like a magnet pulling her towards it and her travels to Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Maldives, Seychelles and Georgia, have inspired her to look at art from different perspectives and with an open mind.

Acrylics have been her favorite medium but of late Manjula has been experimenting with pencil and charcoal as well and finds it quite amazing to see the character and life a basic pencil or charcoal can give to any work of art. She has also worked on different surfaces like terracotta, glass, fabric and bottle art including traditional Indian art forms of Warli, Madhubani, Gond and Lippan Kaam.

For Manjula, there is no end to knowledge and her quest for continuous learning about art continues….