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“Every piece of work by an artist; every stroke, every mark, is a work towards redefining Infinity.” – Kim Oberoi

A contemporary artist hailing from India and based in Dubai for over 13 years, Kim Oberoi is fundamentally a self taught painter and an international exhibitor having shown her work in Germany, Beijing and Dubai. Her paintings include styles from fauvism and tribal to gestural abstraction and monochromatic op art.

Philosophical and spiritual by nature, as a Reiki practitioner and healer, Kim’s work comes to life as a powerful form of expression and self healing. With an ability to elicit spiritual revelations, her work is directed and created through a mystical energy flow. Kim’s work reflects her response to life and life altering experiences with an emphasis on concept and design while simultaneously depicting different phases of her life in every aspect of her creativity.

Over a period of time, Kim’s love for bold colors and circular movements have grown stronger and they define her work at this time. She desires to live and die for the love of art: painting and recreating her life. “My works are my biography,” says Kim. “The purpose is to create and touch lives through my work while inspiring people and triggering their thought processes without limitation.”

The artist’s varied canvases, detailed work and lively hues are a testament to her undying spirit of art passed on from her father CDR H.S. Oberoi.