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Hessa Al Emadi was born in 1990 in Dubai. She has studied Multimedia Design at Zayed University and is a visual artist, photographer and special effects makeup artist.

Hessa has participated in group exhibitions in Dubai Design District, been interviewed on Emarat TV news and was featured on the show “Ebda’aat – برنامج ابداعات” on Emarat TV. She has also been a part of Arthub in Abu Dhabi at the exhibition titled ‘The Sea’ in November 2018 and was part of the opening of SketchArt Café/Studio in 2019.

“Most of my artwork is about nature and the sea as I am a Scuba Diver and Free Diver,” says the artist. Diving in the U.A.E. and abroad, Hessa has a high appreciation for the small details such as the texture and movement of sea life and capturing moments with her fellow divers. “I enjoy enhancing the beauty of nature and the sea with my paintings,” concludes Hessa.