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Heather Applin is primarily a self-taught artist and photographer from Canada. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, working for many years in Canada as a registered nurse and raising a young family, she is making a full circle and returning to her former passion for the arts. Making the move international, she now resides in Dubai and is creating her footprint in the art community.

The inspiration for much of Heather’s work has come from her love for animals. The majestic creatures we share this earth with should be respected and nurtured. Capturing them all in an artistic medium will always continue to drive her artwork. Another major source of inspiration that drives her to the easel is the human form and how we relate to each other and the worlds around us. Nothing can compare to capturing an expression, feeling or idea in a piece of artwork.

Heather likes to explore with various mediums. Her current range includes charcoal, pastel, watercolor, oil and photography. Each medium creates a different feel and effect. The ability to master and work well in a variety of styles allows for a range of artworks that allow her to create freely and explore many subjects. The world around us is ever changing and art is no different. We all should create with no limits.

Heather Applin currently lives in Dubai with her husband and 3 children. Now able to carve out more time to dedicate to her art, she is at the beginning of an amazing journey.