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Gehan Fawzi is a contemporary Egyptian artist who found her creative nature while painting designs for her child’s first birthday. Since then she was able to nurture and evolve her unconscious talent onto canvas. Under the guidance of renowned Italian instructors, artists and art groups, Fawzy further developed her abilities and expanded her talent to create a number of art pieces. Her work was noticed and appreciated by the art community and soon Fawzy began participating in art galleries in Egypt and Dubai. She was then invited to exhibit at ArT Studio in Venice and Spectrum for Art Basel week in Miami.

Fawzy’s latest works created quite a buzz at ‘Women of the Desert’, an exhibition in Dubai that was widely featured in the media. Paintings by the artist are a reflection of her inner feelings and they portray her deep emotions to the past, present and future phases of life, especially personal experiences.

With a preference to work in seclusion, Fawzy uses oils and acrylics to create art with a story line. Her use and mix of colors is different from any known school of art, with brush strokes that are strong and unique, reflecting her confidence of the story being told. Occasionally the artist adds charcoal or pencil to her painting if she feels those lines may better communicate what is on her mind. Some panoramic paintings by Fawzy can be stand-alone pieces but when placed alongside one another create an entirely new story-line.

Fawzy has organized the group exhibition ‘Tahya Masr’ to support her country’s economy  at Gallery Ward, Dubai in 201‏5. Currently planning a large exhibition in Cairo, the artists plans to open a school for hidden artists wanting to express their creativity to the world.