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Dhana Madhavan is a U.A.E. based civil engineer. He says, he was drawn into art couple of years back when an Artist friend posted Madhavan’s portrait on his blog as part of a series called ‘Beautiful Face Beautiful Mind’. This inspired him to hold brushes and play with colours. Being a civil engineer he drew a lot of parallels between building construction and artwork. Dhana says, “Like each and every layer of brick being laid, every little stroke of brush with colours transforms emptiness to a greater imagination.” While he is painting he feels at peace or in another dimension.

Currently working with mainly oils, Dhana has recently been experimenting with watercolours, learned ‘Tanjore Painting’, a south Indian traditional art form and been drawn into Mosaic art in various mediums. Dhana feels being inspired by art has also rekindled his love of poetry and enjoys reading and writing as often as possible.

Artist Statement:
“A true ‘live in the moment’ is when you paint for the love of it and it will slowly take you into a trance.”