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Daniela Speianu, is a self taught artist born in the Republic of Moldova who currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. She grew up in Chisinau, capital of Moldova and was fascinated with painting since the early age of six years. In 2016, Daniela graduated from Mondostud-Art College.

Surrounded by the beauty of her city, she recaptured her passion for the arts and found herself repeatedly drawn to landscapes and objects. Art is part of Daniela’s daily routine and it makes her feel as though she is creating the world on her canvas and paper while depicting her dreams. It is her goal as an artist to encourage the closer examination of ordinary things by presenting them in an unusual context.

“Fine art is not only the creation of the original art exposure but also the result of aesthetic consideration,” says Daniela. “Making the final work allows me to not only record a literal moment in time but also the emotion and experience of the moment.”

Creating works of art that have the potential to make the world more beautiful is what keeps the artist staying excited. She enjoys the power and magic of drawing while having the ability to capture her own unique selective perception of the moment in a form that she can share with others.