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BiBi is a female Nigerian artist, proud of her African inheritance. An autodidact, schooled by life, tradition and a variety of private tutors. Whilst travelling used to be a way of surviving, it evolved in a way of exploring communities. That is why travelling is often an important theme in BiBi’s work. Her inspiration arises from her exposure to the traditional life and culture in Nigeria and the whole Western African Region, as well as her exposure to other cultures while living abroad. Her work speaks about her journeys in life and often shows her tall elongated figures following the sun and her typical African faces of women with closed eyes who are lost deep in their thoughts.

BiBi is combining different styles. She’s working with oil and glue on canvas, with ink or… with every material that fits her creative boost of the moment. Her work is difficult to describe with only a few words, it varies from traditional to modern African, from semi-abstract to abstract or symbolic, from rough to extremely elegant. But… always colourful and immersed in a relaxing atmosphere.

Although BiBi’s art is unique in many ways, characteristics of many of her works can be defined as Archetypal Expressionism. BiBi integrates traditional African symbols and archetypes in many of her concepts.

“Archetypal Expressionism lies between the two major paradigms of contemporary art, the figurative and the abstract. It represents the spiritual quest for common cultural roots beyond the tragic accidents of history. It is a fascinating approach to rediscovering that Tahiti of our collective memory through the shapes and the exotic figures of our inner lives. It is art suspended between the real and the imaginary, and it needs rigor and mystery, arithmetic and lyricism, simplicity and paradox.” (Constantin Severin, 2008)

BiBi stands for African art with a feminine touch and some Arabic and European influences.