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Determination, passion and a strong belief in spiritual creativity that transcends the physical form are key themes in artist and art educator, Batool Jafri’s work. As an artist, curator, mentor, art educator and enabler, Jafri has produced powerful and poignant work on the subject of the human mind and soul, while challenging historical and cultural prejudices that lead to marginalization of certain segments of society, particularly women and people of determination. The values and ideas conveyed in her work have been widely lauded, culminating in her being awarded the “Emirates Woman of the Year 2018” in the Art & Culture category.

Jafri is committed to raising awareness for the underprivileged and encouraging their inclusion in society, featuring these themes in her art and through efforts at the grassroot. She is a vocal supporter of the emerging Muslim art movement, encouraging Muslim youth to take up art as a means of self-expression. Jafri continues to collaborate with other artists to lend her voice to important social issues, ranging from the state of women in Egyptian prisons to animal rights offences in Africa.

Jafri’s body of work draws on her personal experience growing up in a Muslim society, and critiques gender- and ability-related inequalities, where women and individuals with special needs continue to be subjected to antiquated stereotypes. She has exhibited in over 35 solo, national and international art exhibitions across the world, including events held in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Turkey, Egypt, Oman and the UAE. Her artworks are included in the permanent collections of the Bursa Museum of Immigration History (Turkey), the Cross Borders Art Gallery (UAE) and in private collections around the world. Along with her role as an artist and teacher, Jafri is also on the panel if curators for the prestigious World Art Dubai fair held annually in Dubai and considered the regions leading international art fair.

Jafri holds a Master of Art Education degree from Boston University, USA and Bachelor of Textile Design from University of Karachi, Pakistan.