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Barath Menon is a young budding artist who has won several prizes at a national and international level for his artworks. Currently a tenth grader, this gifted artist has presented an amazing and varied portfolio of work that belies his age.

Pursuing art since he was five years old, the world of colour has been a part of this artists’ life ever since then. Adapting himself to any situation, he rises to the occasion as a true lover of arts whether it is drawing, painting or photography.

According to Barath, it is a combination of innate talent and years of training that makes each artwork he creates a process of enjoyment where he is left with a great feeling of accomplishment on each work being completed.

Barath not only enjoys creating artworks but loves enhancing his knowledge and technique. “Art transports me into a virtual world of different places, people, cultures and traditions,” says the artist. He feels this beautiful fantasy can only be experienced through the medium of art and Barath dreams of starting his own art school in future.

Quoting Pablo Picasso: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  Barath  would love to be known as an artist no matter how old he gets.