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Aya Charife was born in Tunisia on September 15, 1989 to a Lebanese Father and a Palestinian-Jordanian mother. Having lived in Beirut, Syria, Jordan and currently residing in Dubai, Aya holds a Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese International University in Beirut, Lebanon.

With a flair of expressing herself in depth through art, Aya has always received massive support for her love of art from her parents. Discovering her talent at the age of 12, the very first canvas Aya worked on was a mix media painting of watercolors and crayons, conjuring up a night scene based on a coastal Moroccan theme.

The variety of the work created by the artist expanded in time due to obligations but the rhythm of a new concept often arrived with discontent of a certain situation, thus forcing a new vision and a new creation.

The silence in every phase brings along the selection of colors for every art piece. In every stroke by Aya, there will always be a rhythm combining the senses for a taste of elaborated beauty.

Artist Statement

Contemporary abstract merger between the depth of the sea and its relationship with the surface tackling human interactive relationships. The unity of art defines the gathering of color, texture and formation of pattern in every work where contrast, transparency and fusion define the lines and motion of the strokes.

The progress of an artwork, until the last touch sparks the silence in depicting a title for the painting, where silence plays a role in conversing with the piece of art, thus speaking it’s name. The variety in material selection and method comes along with the nature of the work and its atmosphere for a whole environment, and a world of its own.