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Sharjah based artist Anju K. Mehta has been honing her skills in Arts and Crafts for the past fifteen years. Her journey started with crafts and today she has found her passion and best expression in Kerala Mural Paintings, mixed media and Persian Art.

In all the pieces that Anju creates, she tries to integrate the basic elements of love, nature and nurture. Anju finds murals very intriguing due to the fine intricacies and designs involved and a mural piece can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to complete. These prolonged durations don’t hinder her vision and patience but instead go towards adding an additional finesse that each of these paintings require.

With mixed media and Persian Art pieces, Anju can get as creative and free as she can imagine and enjoys molding them to her personal vision. The most rewarding outcome from all that she creates is the positive energy and motivation that is radiated back from each individual piece.