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Anastasia Zubareva is a Russian artist for whom art is a passion, drive, and the wind that keeps her moving forward. Being well-traveled and having studied in different countries all played a part in shaping her artistic vision. In her understanding art connects people like an international language that we all can speak.
Through the use of colors, Anastasia puts an emphasis on highlighting particular emotions in her works, which can be perceived and understood by anyone in the world. Emotions and feelings are the most mysterious, yet the most vital matters for humans, and art is the only way to demonstrate, revive and make sense of them.
The artist focuses on the feelings of joy, happiness, serenity, and love, which she showcases through the use of vivid colors, tone contrasts, smooth shapes, and dynamic figures. She tries to produce paintings that are a symbol of hope that can motivate and remind us of all of the beauty of living!