Anastasia Zubareva is an artist from Russia for whom art is a passion, drive and the wind that keeps her moving forward.

From her early years she was attracted to any type of media technique that could express her creativity and worldview whether it was drawing on the walls, asphalt, seashells or leaves – Anastasia felt everything could become an art piece! In 2006, she was enrolled in classes at the Art school in Komi Republic, Russia which was the starting point in her art education.

In 2008 Anastasia moved with her family to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, a sunny and joyful city with Central Asian charisma. After joining another art school there, it was in the same year that she won her first medal in the Tashkent International children’s picture Biennale “Joy of Tashkent” for her painting “Allegory of Spring”. Her teacher at the time was Olga Yaikova a well-known figure in Tashkent who supports and promotes young, emerging artists. With her cheerful lessons Anastasia’s passion for art grew tremendously.

In 2009 and 2010 Anastasia won the New Year’s competition “Winter postcard” and her works depicting winter themes were printed on postcards. She has also had her works printed in the local weekly teenage newspaper “Class” that focussed on young and inspired artists. In 2011, the artist had private lessons for oil portrait painting with Margarita Shuvalova, winner of many Art awards in Uzbekistan and a member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan who taught her important techniques of depicting people, coloring and shading.

In 2012, Anastasia arrived in the U.A.E. Exploring the new, exciting culture changed her vision of art, making her understand that art can connect people like an international language that we all can speak. She continued her studies in school, taking IB HL Visual Arts classes with a yearly exhibition organized by school.

From 2016 to date, Anastasia is studying in a Fine Arts program in Rome, Italy, the greatest place, she feels that an artist could ask to live in!

Well traveled and having studied in different countries have all played a part in creating the artist and person Anastasia is and her vision of art is that it should depict emotions, the most mysterious and unknown matters for human. Art is the only way to demonstrate, revive and make sense of feelings.  The artist focuses on the feelings of joy and love, which she showcases through the use of vivid colors, tone contrasts, smooth shapes and dynamic figures. She tries to produce paintings that are a symbol of hope that can motivate and remind us all of the beauty of living!