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Alfiya Inamdar is a self-taught artist from India, currently residing in New Zealand. A graduate in Architecture; it is during this period of study that she discovered a deep passion for painting. Studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh compelled her to pick up a brush and paint and she considers him her inspiration and teacher.

Growing up, Alfiya spent many summers with her grandmother in the countryside. Being surrounded by scenic landscapes is what led to her love of nature and this connection has had a deep influence on her work. Lately, Alfiya has taken up painting the beautiful and serene scenes from cities of Europe. She loves travelling –Paris being her dream destination.

Having moved to New Zealand in 2017, the artist now draws inspiration from the natural beauty of glacier-carved mountains, thermal springs, lakes and beaches, along with the unique flora and fauna found in the country.

Alfiya is a versatile artist and works with charcoal, oil paints, pastels and watercolors. Her color palette varies from dark reds, blacks and blues to bright pinks and whites. ‘Painting what she loves and loving what she paints’, would best describe her.

Artist’s Statement:
“Have you ever seen trees along the hill side? How they look like men living and breathing in their own design, their own space? To realize that – is art! “