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Alexia Kobusch is a self-trained artist from South Africa.  She is a qualified accountant and has spent more than twenty years in the financial industry.  It was merely by chance that she discovered a passion for abstract art. Alexia has always loved color and this medium allows her to explore the relationship between different hues.

Alexia draws her inspiration from her surroundings; and unsurprisingly has found herself drawn to golds and yellows since moving to the U.A.E.  Alexia exhibited her work in South Africa where her pieces were included in the Curator’s Choice and International Investment Sections.

Residing in Abu Dhabi with her husband and son, Alexia keeps busy with home-schooling, writing, artwork and horse riding.

“I believe everyone should create the space in their lives to discover their true passion and pursue it with all their heart, it is the difference between living and merely existing,” says the artist.