Yuvika Garg

Yuvika Garg

Yuvika Garg is a trained contemporary artist based in Dubai. She primarily likes to work with watercolor and acrylics specially using palette knife on canvas. She has an abstract style of work. She believes that a painting is about capturing the essence of moments in a unique artistic style. Her work depicts her imagination and ideas put together. She finds inspiration for her work through her travels.

She was presented with Diploma of Distinction at National Exhibition of Art for children and youth at SANSKRITI 2000. She has successfully attended internship at ART DUBAI 2011. Her work Simplicity was chosen as one of the highest voted artworks by Ahlan Art gallery based in London 2016. She was invited as an Art Expert in the eminent panel for Young Women Leadership Summit(YWLS) held in Dubai 2017.

She is related with renowned art organizations in UAE like International Watercolor Society(IWS) and some social cause events like “Empowering girls through education” and “Home without borders”. She has participated in various group exhibitions and her works are with various art collectors in India and UAE. She also conducts various art workshops for her students in Dubai. She particularly enjoys  teaching the younger generation and sharing the skills and knowledge with them. Her students have won various prestigious contests including National level contests. She is now looking forward to exhibit her work internationally.

Artist Statement:

My Favorite Quote is “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” by Leonardo da Vinci. My Paints are my best friends to hang out with and every blank canvas takes me into a new world which I explore through my brush strokes all of which have a story to tell.