Yuvika Garg

Yuvika Garg

Yuvika Garg is a self-taught Indian artist based in Dubai. Since childhood, her interest and talent in art made her stand out in various competitions. Attending art courses and receiving professional training are some aspects of her journey till the present.

A brilliant student through school, college and university, Yuvika graduated in Psychology and Economics, joining the banking sector after completing her post graduation. During this time, she pursued painting as a hobby but her creativity could not be confined behind a desk for long. Relocating to Dubai, the artist found the opportunity to further explore her interest in art.

Yuvika is powered by a strong creative streak and beautifully portrays it in her work. She works in different mediums like acrylics, water, oils, glass and more. She uses brushes, a palette knife and gold leaf to create her paintings, the last interested her because of the level of difficulty involved in using it. Some of her favorite subjects are doors, life of women and landscapes. Yuvika is well traveled and finds inspiration from her journeys.

Teaching for more than 10 years, Yuvika enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge with the children and relishes the artistic experience of her job.

Artist Statement:
My Favorite Quote is “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” by Leonardo da Vinci. My Paints are my best friends to hang out with and every blank canvas takes me into a new world which I explore through my brush strokes all of which have a story to tell.