Victor Sitali

Victor Sitali

Victor Sitali was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Losing his hearing and speech at the early age of two, this multi-talented individual with a wonderful personality has faced the challenging moments of his life with a positive attitude.

Relocating to Dubai in 2006 with his family, Victor met his art mentors, Gulshan Kavaran and Wemmy de Maaker through Mawaheb for Beautiful People.

Victor has exhibited several of his works at local and international galleries. Recently exhibiting in Holland under the Mawaheb Art Studio, he had the opportunity to meet with UK artist Trevor Waugh and art therapist Hans Hoog Stoevenbelt from Holland. He learned different techniques in drawing, watercolor and acrylics.

Over the years, Victor has gained further confidence in his artistic abilities and belief in himself and works as a part time graphics designer, photographer and camera operator while continuing his participation in various sports activities.

Artist Statement:
“A voice can be heard not only by sound, but through the works of hands.”