Sonu Sultania

Sonu Sultania

Sonu Sultania is an upcoming artist based in Dubai. She is powered by a strong imagination and aesthetic vision. With her roots in India, art has been an essential part of her growing up years. She is also extremely well traveled in India and across the globe. The multicultural exposure has sharpened her artistic mind which is well depicted in her art.

During her very young days Sonu had a clear fondness for painting and colors. As she grew up, this self-taught artist found her true calling in art; where she could use her imagination to experiment with colors and put her thoughts on canvas. A brilliant student, she is a qualified CS from the prestigious Institute of Company Secretaries of India. An all-rounder, she had a strong extracurricular background back in school and college where she had won many accolades for dance, crafts etc.

Though her favorite medium is oil paint she also uses other mediums like Acrylic, Charcoal, Dry pastels, Pen n Pencil colors etc. Her source of inspiration is Indian mythological figures with the Buddha and Lord Krishna but experiments with various forms of abstract paintings, landscapes, portraits etc. Paintings that are vibrant, happy and with full of hopes and positive vibes are Sonu’s signature style. These paintings are ideal for home, office and commercial décor.

With a motto ‘Dream big and achieve bigger’ here is one artist who is all set to take the Dubai art scene by storm.

Artist’s statement:
“Colors are my best companions to hang-out with around beautiful world of imagination. They give me positive vibes and enthusiasm to achieve amazing and beautiful results.”