Shivani Mathur

Shivani Mathur

Shivani Mathur is a talented contemporary artist from Delhi, India currently living in Dubai. She has acquired her master’s degree in Arts with specialization in ‘Oil Painting’ from India.

Shivani’s paintings have a life of their own; they are rich, vivid, elegant and mystical. Radha-Krishna and Adam & Eve are the subjects on which she has done a series of paintings. Love, affection and human feelings are the core ideas which the artist exhibits on canvas in her own distinctive style.

Lavish use of brightly coloured hues in many of her paintings has a breath-taking effect on the observer. Several of her paintings have a potent message; she subtly uses a riot of colors and definite brushstrokes to convey her point of view.

The artist is totally devoted to art and considers painting as a mode of meditation for her. She feels that painting is an important element in any décor and feels it not only reflects a persons beliefs but can also elevate their mood.

“It is not a piece of decoration that changes every time, a good painting can last for generations,” says Shivani.