Shaima Al Naboodah

A Colorful Morning

Shaima Al Naboodah is a self-taught artist from the United Arab Emirates. She has always been fascinated by art whether in creative writing, embroidery, jewelry, pottery or 3Dmodels. Due to the abundance of instructions and strict guidelines received everyday, the artist found no space for herself to be free and enjoy her talent until the time she came to find her own sweet escape – art. For Shaima, it is a place where she can express her own thoughts, ideas and creativity. There was something very special about the art room for this wonderful artist.

“Art is not limited to a brush on a canvas itself; it is the idea of what an artist is creating and how valuable is it to share with the world,” says Shaima. “Art could be in the way you write dance, sculpt or paint and it is only artistic if one can build a connection to your creation.” she adds.

Shaima has traveled around the world from a very young age but it was never for the beauty of nature. So she found herself constantly painting landscapes she never had the privilege to visit. The artist chooses to express her feelings and dreams in a stimulating range of colors.