Sanaa Merchant

Sanaa Merchant

Sanaa Merchant, born and brought up in UAE, is a self-taught artist. Although a graduate of an International Business degree, life eventually led her to discover an innate passion and enthusiasm in the fine arts. The only basic education was an O level fine art which is where she discovered her talent and since then never looked back.

Sanaa is a versatile artist and doesn’t stick to any one style or medium. She loves the various forms of art and no barrier stops her from trying out new styles and mediums. The colors in her palette are usually very bright as is her personality.

Having held several exhibitions at Sharjah Ladies Club, Burjuman, Address Hotel, Kempinski hotel, Mercato and University of Sharjah to name a few, Sanaa has also been commissioned custom projects for Norton Rose, Kempinski Bahrain and other private clients. Along with being a freelance artist, she conducts private art classes as she feels that society needs to be exposed to art.

Artist Statement:
“Art eases my mind and helps me stay focused. It uplifts me and I believe that art is for everyone, one just needs to break free from the norms. It is an inspiring love affair where the canvas is the lover; the paint, sweet embraces; the colours, a vivid palette of moods and feelings and each painting a different phase of the amour. I develop a telepathic connection with each piece, controlled by strong emotions, which resound in a sudden blend of hues, only to become a lucid picture again. My work is about the imperfections that surround life, and still make it precious, as it is in the case of love.”