Samar Kamel


Samar Kamel, born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, had been inspired to paint from an early age since her late dad was an artist. A graduate of English Literature, she chose banking as a career, which she eventually left to focus on her art.

Her first solo exhibition was “Diversity”, in 2014 which featured what intrigues her most, facial expressions. She believes they reflect a person’s spirit as the eyes are the mirror to the soul and she yearns to capture those fleeting moments.

She exhibited in Beijing, China, Oman, all over the UAE, Amsterdam, Egypt & Oxford Uk. Her latest exhibitions were in World Art Dubai & Index Dubai. And soon in Barcelona.

Samar has taken part in many art events like Celebrations for UAE national day, Street Art nights, and also has been involved in some charity events like “Save the Rhino” Auction, The Sameness project”, “Artists for Nepal” “Artists for kids of Syria” Samar has volunteered in Charity events in collaboration with centers for Kids with Special needs.

Being an Egyptian she arranged an exhibition with a cause, the “Tahya Masr” group exhibition was with the aim of rebuilding her beloved country, Egypt, as a percentage of sale was donated to the ‘Tahya Masr Fund’

Her palette is a mix of vibrant and somber hues to bring her subjects to life. She often works in mixed media, consisting of pages from Arabic books as she feels it symbolizes the raw and rustic beauty of her Egyptian heritage, she also uses news papers, and magazines. She uses several techniques including impasto and cross hatching. She loves working with mixed media using various elements including tea bags & manual photo transfer. She works with oil, acrylic and nail polish.

Her passion for art can only be matched by her passion for Dragon boating. Getting up before dawn to go for practice inspires her to new levels as she believes nothing beats being in a boat when it’s dark and then witnessing the sun rises over the Gulf waters.

She has a small business for artistic cakes which is another form of art, custom made cakes serves as an extension to her artistic talent since most cakes requires sculptuing, and the results are always an edible piece of art.

Samar’s talent as a baker & a cook led her to publish her first book in healthy eating in 2016. The book is in her mother tongue the Arabic language, and contains calorie counting receipes. It sounds peculiar since she makes amazing cakes yet she is sharing her personal experience in losing weight in an attempt to help others.

Having been based in the Gulf for twenty four years, Samar currently resides in Dubai with her family.