Samar Kamel

Samar Kamel

Samar Kamel, born  and raised in Cairo, Egypt, had been inspired to paint from an early age since her late dad was an artist.  A graduate of English Literature, she chose banking as a career, which she eventually left to focus on her art.

Her first solo exhibition was “Diversity”,  in 2014 in Dubai.  A total number of 31 exhibitions till present world wide, She  exhibited in Beijing, China, Oman, all over the UAE, Amsterdam, Egypt, Oxford UK and Barcelona. Her upcoming exhibition will be in October 2017 in London with Saatchi Art.

Her palette is a mix of vibrant and somber hues to bring her subjects to life. She often works in mixed media, consisting of pages from Arabic books, news papers, magazines, and tea bags.  She uses several techniques including impasto and cross hatching, collage, and manual ink transfer transfer. She works with oil, acrylic and some times nail polish.

Having been based in the Gulf for twenty four years, Samar currently resides in Dubai with her family.