Rolando Tuvillara Jr

Rolando Tuvillara

Rolando Tuvillara Jr started his artistry when he was 3 years old. He remembers his mother often buying him drawing  supplies because he would be upset if they finished and didn’t have them. Rolando recalls his love for drawing at that very  young age and subsequently went on to compete in painting contests within school and in inter-school competitions during his elementary and high school  days.

Finishing his education with a Major in Architectural Drafting, Rolando decided to continue along the path of his  part-time job as a Disc Jockey while studying and became a full-time FM Radio DJ. Rolando continued pursuing his painting and sketching during the spare time from his job when he considered being in his comfort zone.

During his college days, Rolando had discovered another genre of art in which he was skilled – fashion designing. This took him to work in Saudi Arabia for several years and is also his present job here in Dubai. Painting remains a love that he pursues and his creations are a pinch of reality, instinct and elusive dreams which may be defined as dramatic.

Rolando enjoys playing with colors as they describe the existence of reality and fantasy. His skills in abstract painting were honed after being involved in caricature drawing. This was a way for him to gift something personal to close friends and relatives. Soon realizing the value of his work he decided to harness and share his talent by selling his works.

“I love to listen to people who share their illusions and my belief is that paintings are the music of the eyes,” says the artist.