Ritu Dua

Ritu Dua

Ritu Dua has let herself be drawn by the strong pull of what she loves to do…draw and paint. Self-taught, she learns and gets inspired by the things around her.

Obsessed with the magic of color and pattern, Ritu is mesmerized by different cultures, their dress and their adornments. She is intrigued by faces and often uses them in her art; mixing faces, patterns, the floral, the geometric and the stripe. Her art is often intricate but infused subtly with bold and bright colors. Mixed Media is Ritu’s forte and she enjoys mixing and matching textures with crayons, pencils, micron pens, water colors, acrylics and oil- paints in her work along with any bits that catch her fancy!

Ritu aims to evoke a feeling of tranquility, beauty and contentment in all her art which includes murals and environmental friendly/recycled art. The healing properties of Zentangles made her adopt this art too and she feels sure it helps many if taught in the right environment.

Having done a few exhibitions for charity, she has also worked with an NGO in India and taught under-privileged children how to create art from trash. The desire beneath my heart…art has helped her blossom into the happy and creative artist she is today.

Ritu strongly believe that “Life is about using the whole box of crayons”.