Rishi Soni

Rishi Soni

Rishi Soni, a.k.a rishistoni is an autodidact artist and an investor born in Mumbai and brought up in India. As a child he wanted to be a professional sportsman and got an early scholarship but due to a severe injury he had to give up his love for sport and pursue other fields of interest.

Rishi believes this sudden change of track which was out of his control, contributed significantly to his building a strength of character that has always looked towards the positive and current opportunities.  Having maintained a keen interest in art since childhood, he started selling his artwork at age 16 so he could, on his insistence, pay for his own education and graduated in the field of  Self-Finance.

Experimenting with all mediums and using a multitude of objects as a canvas, Rishi puts pen to paper and in addition to using acrylics, oils and mixed media on canvas, fabric, wood and linen; he has also customized music instruments, shoes, bags, walls, recycled tires, bamboos and even dabbles in body art.

This multi-talented artist enjoys the sacred space of occupying himself creatively and expressing his emotions through his work. His inspiration comes from people or identities, be it a young child or a legend. Nature and good tunes help him flow with a rhythm and encourages him to constantly move forward. Constantly learning something new, he is currently studying candle art. Rishi extends this enthusiasm and keenness for growth to his hobbies as well – learning kite surfing at the moment. A love for travel keeps him exploring and absorbing new cultures while observing his own changing perspectives.

Rishi doesn’t take life as a series of goals, rather he believes it is a journey. “When I come to a fork in the road, I go with my gut and when I reach a mountain, I climb it.” says the artist.

Having taken on a sketch-a-day challenge, Rishi is going to draw 365 sketches in 2017 and plans on continuously pushing his limits of creativity.