Ria Sharma

Ria Sharma

Ria Sharma is an Indian born, Dubai based artist.

A Civil Engineer by profession, she has fulfilled a strong and successful career in the construction field for sixteen years.

Seven years ago, completely by chance, Ria found herself in the midst of paints and brushes. This particular incident changed her to the extent that she decided to follow her heart. Starting to practice art in Dubai in 2009, she has since taken part in several exhibitions and never looked back.

The core inspiration for Ria comes from women. Not the outer beauty, but women’s extraordinary willpower and strength.  In each artwork she tries to highlights the importance of education and equal opportunity. Connecting  women’s freedom through symbolism, be it butterflies in the background, a strong soul behind the veil or books, pen or music notes entangled into the silkiness of the hair, Ria creates compositions that speak of her beliefs.

Ria is self-taught versatile artist and her true passion thus far has been monochrome  paintings and calligraphy, mostly revolving around the empowerment of women.