Rean Virayo

Rean Virayo

Rean Virayo from the Philippines but has been living and working in Dubai, U.A.E for the last three years as an HR assistant and Graphic Designer. She is a self-taught artist with a boundless love for art since childhood that shows in her creative works and projects from her school days.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication, Rean continuously developed her skills in the arts whenever exposed to media works and theater play productions in which she participated, being assigned to paint back drafts using acrylics and mixed media.

During her career path, Rean has been exposed to several creative people especially when working as a community manager for Global Gaming Developer and Publisher. During this time she became a Casual Online Gamer and was introduced to many colleagues with different artistic hobbies like Anime, toy collecting, painting, blogging, etc. and has been influenced by the creativity she was surrounded with, even dabbling in sketching basic Manga characters.

Rean has always been focused on work but realized that she needs more than technology as a creative outlet and picked up the brush trying her hand at oils. She pursued her creativity with a dedicated passion as she felt reunited with colors and was able to use her imagination as she felt the door open and take her soul to another world.

The artist always appreciates the creativity she is surrounded by, whether it’s a modern or cultural painting, sculpture, sketches, colors and anything that catches her eye, stopping to observe every detail of it.

Rean does not have any specific subject or painting or style and views her work as an expression of her evolution. Inspired by everything she comes across, Rean has painted, flowers, landscapes and portraits. Her portraits are non-realistic, inspired by manga/anime and have a touch of fantasy that comes from my online gaming background.

Rean considers herself a perpetual student still at the novice stage, and hopes to continue developing techniques by attending workshops and taking classes from artists of all genres.